Am I a dex10 Customer?

In order to offer the absolute best price in Canada to dex10 customers, we have excluded The 20% of consumers that cost everyone more money on everything they purchase.

Dex10 customers are asked to qualify themselves prior to purchasing from us with the following 5 questions.

1-Have you ever purchased something for a specific event?

(i.e. Super Bowl party)

Only to return it having never intended to keep it?

2-Is there a difference in colour between

Mocha Brown and Chocolate Brown


Off-White and Ivory?

3-Have you ever ordered two 3 piece leather sets because you couldn’t decide and sent one back after both were delivered?

4-Do you order things online without measuring first and end up sending them back because they “don’t fit the room”

5-Do you order things online and before they arrive find something else that you prefer and cancel your order.

If you answered yes to any of those above five questions,

you represent 20% of the consumer market place.

And you, unfortunately are not a dex10 customer.

If you of course. answered NO to the above five questions, then you have been pre-selected as a dex10 customer!

-You get the absolute best quality products at the absolute best price in Canada, guaranteed.

-You get full warranty with your purchase, meaning that if anything goes wrong you’re covered and you don’t even need to buy a membership.

Congratulations and welcome to dex10.

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